Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Boys are the Sweetest

From day one, my baby boy has been the sweetest little man I know.

Nevermind the dirt on his face he is a boy...however,

He loves to cuddle and gives hugs and kisses on demand.

So sweet and kind (most of the time) to his baby sister...even lets her borrow his hats

All the store associates love him because when they tell us bye, my son has to blow kisses to them.

He blows kisses to everyone...

But a couple days ago, MJ did something so sweet and kind for me...

He drew a picture for me for the very first time.

It looks a little something like this...

He came running up with a million dollar smile and said, "mama, i drawed you a piture"

"you did?!" I beamed.

"Yeah! See!?"

"What is it?" I asked.

"um, .... a circle! "

You know the rule of thumb...when a kid draws a is what they say it is. That is the best looking circle I ever saw. I love my little man!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Guess who's Eight Months?

My baby girl is growing, growing, growing.

She has discovered that she likes the Mickey Mouse Hotdog Dance just as much as her brother...

 Recently she has discovered a love for sun bathing...

Exploring the wild outdoors...

And crying when things don't go her way...

Keep on keeping on beautiful girl!
Mama loves your beautiful self!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lunch with the Waltons

I think individual time with each child each day is important.

I got to cuddle MJ for almost two whole years before adding another one in the mix, so I think it is important that Molly gets Molly time...but also that MJ still has his time to shine.

Of course we play all day anyways and I do stay home all day...but I want Matthew to know that I still have time for just him and me.

So my routine lately has been this...

Feed Molly lunch early...put her down for her nap...make MJ and I lunch...and eat together on the living room couch while we watch The Waltons.

We love the Walton family...I sometimes wish I could live their life...walk to town, walk to church, go fishing in the creek right by their house, ride around in old timey trucks, ride a mule, say goodnight John Boy...

Ester and Zeb, well I hope one day that will be Robert and I.

What a nice quiet down to earth life that would be.

And MJ...he loves the Waltons too...Olivia got a perm today, her hair was super curly and I quote him by saying "oh mommy she got spikes" hahaha.  He also noted that they were walking to church...and said "I go to church to play..." Well sort of son...after we have meeting he enjoys playing with all his friends.  Ah, the friends a little boy can make by running up and saying rawr!

Then as the hour long show winds down we snuggle in the recliner and I rock my baby boy to sleep. Then he takes his afternoon nap, I have some quiet time to myself, then Molly and I play together when she wakes up.

Thank You Lord for the wonderful opportunity to see my children grow each day...and thank you my wonderful husband for working so hard to allow me to stay home. I know I have the better end of the deal, even when you add labor and delivery into it...I come out on top...

I have riches, not in the form of money, in the form of a loving Father in heaven, a gorgeous kind family, and a roof over my head.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Girl's Heart

A Little Girl's Heart
Author: Reginald Holmes
A little girl's heart must be wide and deep,
To hold all the things that she likes to keep;
A curly-haired doll that holds out its hands
And walks and talks when occasion demands.

A bright colored bow, her favorite book,
A little toy stove that really will cook;
A gay, cheery song, to sing when she's glad,
A corner to hide in, (when she's been bad).

There is plenty of room for the girl next door
And the blue silk dress in the downtown store;
A soft fluffy kitten with playful charms
And a welcome spot in her mother's arms.

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Bless Tarie"

Dinner and Bedtime prayers with MJ are priceless.

His prayers generally center around the same people...and usually go like this...

"Bless Mama"
"Bless Dada"

(the order of the above depends on who his favorite parent is at the time...)

Some days he includes...

"Bless Papa"
"Bless Nana"

Some days he goes more in depth...

"Bless Mamy"
"Bless Sam"
"Bless Sakari"

Once he blessed uncle James...and once he even blessed Roger...a man that works for Stanley and Janie. Roger got blessed because he found Zeus and Apollo one night

Anyways. The point to my story is here lately...he always has to say...
"Bless Tarie."

Now the funny thing about this is, he can finish the complete prayer...drop holding hands with Robert and I...then say...oh...I have to bless we join hands and bow our heads again to bless Aunt Carrie (Tarie). She must be a pretty special gal.

Carrie I hope you are feeling all the extra blessings MJ is sending your way!
You even got blessed twice at dinner tonight.

There is nothing sweeter than little kids praying and learning about God.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're going to Papas!

Quick...grab your toy story suitcase and throw some clothes in...we are going to Papa's house...

In two weeks.

We have been anticipating this trip for a month...and MJ always insist everyday that we are going to Papa's in two weeks.

He even went as far as to pack his very own suitcase "all by myself mom"

So what does a two year old need for said trip to Papas?


One Blue Shirt...with hanger

One Pair Green Sweatpants...

one pair checkered dress socks...and one pair 'unnawears'

He is so he just has to wait...two weeks. Hope he is still excited when we start the seven hour trip!

Don't worry...I will tweak his suitcase a little...add a few extras...maybe even a toothbrush.

Friday, February 25, 2011

blame it on Barney

I don't know what to do...

Actually all I can do is laugh.


MJ sings now...

A couple weeks ago, it was whispered "animals on the farm" in church...

but since his week long interest in watching Barney...

it has escalated to full on loud as you can singing.

He opens the church book, nevermind that he sometimes has it upside down and is still "singing" from it...I guess he just thinks he is that good (being able to read upside down...or read for that matter)

Last night, Molly was her usual protesting evening church self...all I got to hear in church was the first song...but it was priceless

Can't even remember the song but I couldn't even sing it much because I was trying to control myself and not laugh out loud.

MJ sure thought he knew the words...I do remember it having Jesus in it...that is probably the only word he sung right.

I hated to shhh the little man, because, he wasn't really doing anything wrong. Just trying to sing like everyone else. I suppose one day it will all make since and not sound so mumbled...

One time I did try to shh him and he says...out loud..."NO I am singing" I about lost it.

So if my child is in church with you...try not to worry too much...Poor man is learning. He will catch on one day. Just blame it on Barney...and of course, growing up. They learn by example, so I guess he is catching on...which is a good thing.